Basement floor renovation

The basement floors in old buildings usually do not meet the current standard of a concrete floor slab. Because of this, rooms with such floors can only be used to a limited extent. Damp cellar floors are sealed off through cellar floor renovation. After completion of the work, storage of moisture-sensitive inventory such as boxes on the floor in the basement is possible.

Basement floor renovation in an old building

Our basement floor renovation procedure:

ISOTEC cellar floor renovation Cause Damp cellar floors

The problem: Humid basement floors

Until the early seventies there were many different types of basement floors. The most common practice was to place thin layers of mediocre concrete or even bricks applied directly onto the ground soil. Due to the capillary moisture of these types of basement floors, the basements weren’t adequate for use.

Preparing ISOTEC cellar floor renovation step 1

01 Preparation

Firstly, we clean the floor of any residues or dirt. We close open joints and level out irregularities. Then, we carefully clean the surface.

ISOTEC-Kellerbodensanierung Schritt 2 Versiegelung des Bodens

02 Sealing

We apply a special sealant to the floor and spread it evenly. This first layer causes the floor to harden and seals it against capillary moisture.

ISOTEC cellar floor renovation Step 3 Protective layer

03 Protecting layer

Once the sealant has dried completely, we apply a special adhesive layer. On top of this layer, we apply a levelling agent. Once dried, it acts as a protecting layer and is ready to use. At this point the floor can be painted with a special floor paint as required.

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Basement floor renovation in an apartment building

Thin construction - Great sealing effect

Basement floor renovation

The ISOTEC Basement Floor Renovation applies a coating system especifically developed to control the capillary moisture of basement floors. It acts as an effective moisture and steam barrier, of approximately 4 mm thickness or more. Therefore, the construction of a subsequent concrete slab is not necessary.

Basement renovation completely from the inside

Apart from the renovation of the basement floor, the interior walls can easily be sealed as well. In order to do so, the basement floor coating will be connected to the previously applied wall sealant. After the renovation work has been completed, the basement will be prepared again for previous usage, for example as a storage room or workshop.

The advantages of basement floor renovation

Basement floor renovation is a step forward for owners who want to make high-quality use of their basement or prefer a hygienically clean floor in the laundry room. Until now, the only way to deal with a damp floor in the cellar was to install a retrofit reinforced concrete floor slab. This measure is very expensive and time-consuming, so that homeowners often shy away from it. Thanks to the special process of basement floor renovation, there is now a real alternative that permanently stops rising damp from a layer thickness of just four millimetres. The floor can be walked on again just four hours after the renovation has been completed. After 48 hours, the floor is completely usable again.

ISOTEC Quality

Examined extensively - scientifically confirmed. At ISOTEC we only apply systems which have successfully passed the strictest tests.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Thin coating system
  • Successful sanitation guaranteed
  • Certified material
  • Increase in property value
  • No excavation of existing floor
  • Can be combined with interior sealing

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