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For over 30 years, the ISOTEC Group has specialised in the removal of damp and mould in buildings. As an expert, we offer you the highest quality. With our local specialist companies, we are there for you on site. Get to know us. Our friendly and excellently trained craftsmen are the basis for our top performance.

The ISOTEC Group and head office

Quality since 1990

Since 1990, the ISOTEC Group has specialised in the elimination of moisture and mould damage to buildings. Together with recognised scientists, experts and over 85 ISOTEC specialist companies, we have been able to gather a wealth of experience that is reflected in over 120,000 professional and successful remediations. The basis for our success is our commitment to quality. It runs like a red thread through all our actions - from quality guidelines to product selection to employee training. These prerequisites ensure that we can carry out around 10,000 successful renovations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Spain every year.As a customer, you benefit from our experience and our quality.

About Isotec


Years of experience






successful renovations

Customer orientation and highest quality

We are more than just a service provider, we are craftsmen with a passion. For us, this stands for: Craftsmanship at the highest level, a permanently dry property, customer friendliness and satisfaction.

The very positive customer feedback we receive, for example in our customer evaluations, are the result of our service mindset. We do not want to fulfil customer expectations, we want to exceed them. 

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The "A" and "O" at ISOTEC

Research & Development

It is our claim that our customers get the best service and the best remediation products available anywhere. That is why we started researching and developing our own processes over 30 years ago. Only renovation products that withstand special stress tests and have proven permanent safety against moisture penetration make it into our portfolio.

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ISOTEC - a short journey through time

1983 is the founding year of "Horst Becker Isoliertechnik". Paraffin technology was decisive for the breakthrough in success. A friend of my parents - Friedrich Röhrmann - liked to tinker. He realised that paraffin, a special wax, could be used to permanently protect damp walls from moisture. To this day, paraffin technology is one of the pillars of ISOTEC's success. In 1986, "Horst Becker Isoliertechnik" became "Gebr. Becker GmbH". In 1990, the first specialist companies joined as franchise partners. Further milestones follow...

Isotec history


Our Commandments & Mission Statement

Our 5 principles in dealing with customers

  1. We treat our clients in a friendly manner and like good acquaintances.
  2. We introduce ourselves and address our customers by name.
  3. Our customers receive the highest quality from us.
  4. We keep our promises.
  5. We exceed our customers' expectations.


Our mission statement

  • We specialise in the restoration of damp and mould damage to buildings and deliver the highest quality to our customers. As a customer-oriented service company, we offer our customers the security of a permanently dry home and healthy living.
  • Several tens of thousands of successful renovations, our decades of experience and our competent, intensively trained employees make us a leading specialist company. We work in a close network of science, research, development and practice.
ISOTEC - Always better. Through further training.

Training and further education in the ISOTEC Group

The ISOTEC Academy puts its heart and soul into the training and further education of management and specialist staff within the ISOTEC Group. In doing so, we support our employees in developing into independently acting, strong personalities. The ISOTEC Academy offers a wide range of training courses and individual coaching sessions. Since we attach the greatest importance to the highest quality in our refurbishments, the technical training courses for the individual ISOTEC trades form the main focus in our seminar calendar. Both in theory and in practice.

In 2008, ISOTEC was one of the first companies to offer the first apprenticeships in the completely newly created profession of "wood and building preservationist". Since then, we have successfully trained numerous employees as wood and building protectors.

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The ISOTEC Advisory Councils

A major incentive and success factor of ISOTEC is continuous optimisation and further development of the system.

For the internal concerns of the group, there is the ISOTEC Franchisee Advisory Board, which is elected from the ranks of our franchise partners and represents their interests. At the same time, this advisory board supports the ISOTEC head office in the operational and strategic development of the system.

A change of perspective is very valuable for optimal further development. For this reason, Horst Becker founded the ISOTEC Corporate Advisory Board in 2014. This body supports ISOTEC GmbH in its development and strategic orientation. The advisory board is made up of experts from a wide range of sectors and disciplines.

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The ISOTEC advisory boards as a success factor for the further development of the system.
ISOTEC - Always better. Through further development.


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