Mould removal

Mould infestation in the living area is not a trifle, but can endanger health. First, we determine the extent of the mould infestation and - depending on the requirements - examine the types of mould. According to the results, our specialists remove the mould infestation.

Professional mould removal

The problem with mould: health risks

How the human organism reacts to mould cannot be predicted across the board for all people. What is certain is that especially

  • children
  • elderly people
  • and sick people

often react allergically to mould, as their immune systems are not yet fully developed. In addition, there are also toxic types of mould which, depending on their concentration, have a negative effect on the health of all people - regardless of the condition of their immune system. It is also certain that professional mould removal is unavoidable.

Professional mould removal

In order not to endanger health permanently, action must be taken in the event of mould infestation in the living or working environment. Our professional mould removal procedure is as follows:

Mould damage must be removed immediately

The cause: mould damage

Mould can grow where there is moisture. This can be caused, for example, by condensation of the air humidity on cold wall surfaces, by water damage or a defective building seal. Typical of mould infestation are initially stains, combined with a musty smell, familiar from old cellars.



Immediate measures for mould with air purification devices

01 Immediate measures

It is important to immediately reduce the microbial pollution of the ambient air. Air purifiers with special HEPA filters ligate noxious components of mould and minimize unpleasant odour. These measures are for your immediate protection.

Seal off mould and make it safe

02 Compartmentalise

We isolate the mould contaminated clearance area from the the noncontaminated area, leaving it dustproof and secure. In addition, we set up a vacuum device which prevents further expansion of mould components throughout the air in the living area.

Remove and dispose of mould-infested material

03 Removal / Fine Cleaning

The mould infested material is removed and deposed of professionally. This is followed by a disinfection measure, killing potential remains of mould and spores. Only after having completed the removal do we fix new construction products, such as our ISOTEC Climate Board, which reliably prevents further mould infestation caused by condensation.

Officially recommended

Our clearance corresponds to the official rules and guidelines for the removal of mould of, amongst others, the German Federal Environmental Agency and the Health Department of Baden-Württemberg. Our guideline-based approach ensures a professional evaluation and removal of microbial damages.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Professional removal of mould infestation in accordance with recognised current regulations
  • Protection from harmful mould spores with the start of our remediation work
  • Preservation of the value of your property
  • Result: Hygienic and healthy living
  • Optional protection against renewed infestation with our climate-regulating ISOTEC climate panel or by repairing the building waterproofing

Our satisfied customers

Mould removal in a kindergarten

Elimination of the cause

In cooperation with special microbiology laboratories we tested the mode of action of different germicides on diverse surfaces. As a result, we exclusively apply isopropanol for disinfection. This specific alcohol has proven to be very effective and evaporates completely after disinfection.

Site-after comparison

Mould removal

Construction Site Mould Removal Before Construction Site Mould Removal After

Safely sealed off

Mould must be professionally sealed off

In order to provide access to larger isolated clearance areas for our workers, we install airlocks if necessary. This type of access prevents the expansion of any particles of mould when entering or leaving the workspace.

What to look for in professional mould removal:


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