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Horizontal barrier



Paraffin is a very fluid wax, which permanently plugs
the pores of the masonry. Capillary moisture doesn´t
stand a chance anymore. The patented procedure can
be executed exclusively by ISOTEC authorized professionals.

Horizontal barrier with specialized paraffin

Our approach

The problem: Ascending moisture

If the horizontal barrier is damaged or even lacking, capillary moisture may enter into the masonry and charge the pores of the construction material with water. This may cause paint and plaster chipping as well as the reduction of the thermal insulation coefficient.

Our 1st step: Drilling

The affected section of the masonry first needs to dry completely. For this purpose, we create drilling channels at intervals of 10-12 cm into the damp masonry.


Our 2nd step: Drying out

We control the drying phase of the masonry with the help of our unique technology. After the drying has been finished, the pores of the construction material are completely receptive to our sealing material, the ISOTEC Specialized Paraffin.


Our 3rd step: Injection

We inject our heated liquid ISOTEC Specialized Paraffin into the construction material where it extends into the pores of the material. When the paraffin cools down, it hardens within the pores and forms a waterproof barrier with a thickness of about 15 cm, which prevents further capillary moisture transport.

Our satisfied customers

Schumannhaus, Bonn | Damage: Ascending moisture

The ISOTEC Group has successfully sealed more than 100.000 properties in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the last 25 years. Apart from tens of thousands of residential buildings, we have also renovated the Schumannhaus in Bonn. It had already been partially sealed in 1960 with one of the precursors of our ISOTEC Horizontal Barrier.

[Translate to Englisch:] Sanierung des Schumann Hauses in Bonn durch ISOTEC Horizontalsperre

Officially approved - scientifically confirmed

At ISOTEC we exclusively apply procedures that comply with our strict quality guidelines. After various scientific studies, the professor, doctor and engineer Jürgen Dreyer has also been convinced by the ISOTEC system: „In my studies and tests on moisture barriers, the treatment of construction materials with paraffin has always been the most effective.“

The WTA (German scientific-technical consortium for the preservation of buildings and monuments) has also certified its effectiveness. The Material Testing Office has credited the ISOTEC system with the highest effectiveness rate, independent of the degree of moisture penetration.

Technische Universität Wien
Wissenschaftlich-Technische Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Bauwerkserhaltung und Denkmalpflege e.V.
Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung

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