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Flexband system


Damaged junctions between wall and floor (or joints) and cracks
in concrete components exposed to mayor movement and
deformations may, in many cases, not be sealed permanently by
conventional injections. Our ISOTEC Flexband System presents
a reliable method for the permanent and successful sealing of
such cracks and joints.

Flexband system

The problem: Cracks and water-bearing joints

Many concrete structures, even though meant to be waterproof, at some point show permeable joints or cracks through which water may enter and cause moisture damage. If the building is not accessible from the outside due to superstructures, the damage needs to be repaired from the inside.

Our 1st step: Injection

Initially, we inject our special resin into the joint with a special pump through drilling channels prepared with injection packers. This way, by using our ISOTEC Flexband System sealing process, we prevent water from entering into the affected concrete structure.

Our 2nd step: Preparation

For better adhesion, we roughen the concrete surface next to the joint or crack and remove the resulting dust. We mask the borders with duct tape as an exterior boundary for the Flexband glue bed to be applied.

Our 3rd step: Adherence

We apply a special glue adapted to the Flexband system and centrically imbed the ISOTEC Flexband above the joint on the glue bed. We go over it once again with glue and then remove the duct tape from the sides of the glue bed to leave clean borders.

Flexband system: Our satisfied customers


The ISOTEC Group has successfully sealed more than 100.000 properties in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the last 25 years.

The ISOTEC Flexband System is applied, amongst others, in civil engineering projects, such as underground parking garages. It was also applied in a central warehouse. Since its completion, water had consistently entered the warehouse through existing joints. We managed to successfully seal more than 300m of joints in the structure using our Flexband system.

ISOTEC Quality

At ISOTEC we only use sealing material that has been verified to comply with the structural requirements. This applies to the material as well as to the machinery used for the processing of the sealing material.

Your benefits at a glance

  • No laborious exposure of construction elements from the outside

  • Thanks to its high elasticity, the ISOTEC Flexband System can also be appied to dynamic cracks

  • Successful sealing from the side that is not in direct contact with the ground

  • A system officially approved by the construction supervisory board

Waterproof in spite of moving construction elements

Our ISOTEC Flexband consists of an extremely elastic plastic. Thanks to its elasticity of up to 400%, it offers enough security for the permanent sealing of dynamic cracks and joints in moving construction elements.

We seal expansion joints

Our ISOTEC Flexband System is not only applied for the sealing of water-bearing cracks and construction joints in concrete elements. It is also used for vulnerable expansion joints between two concrete components, which often occur in underground parking garages and large basements.

Flexband system

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