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Mould damage removal
Mould infestation should, because of its harmful
effect on people?s health, be treated inmediately.
Allergies, respiratory problems and even cardiac
arrhythmia may follow. If the mould has infested
more than half a square metre the German
Federal Environmental Agency highly
recommends that an expert be consulted
for its removal.

The ISOTEC approach to eliminate mould damage

The problem: Mould damage

Mould can appear where there is humidity. Humidity can derive, for example, from condensation of air moisture on cold surfaces of walls, water damage or from defective sealing of the building. Typical first signs of mould infestation are stains and a mouldy smell.

Our 1st step: Immediate measures

It is important to immediately reduce the microbial pollution of the ambient air. Air purifiers with special HEPA filters ligate noxious components of mould and minimize unpleasant odour. These measures are for your immediate protection.

Our 2nd step: Isolation

We isolate the mould contaminated clearance area from the the noncontaminated area, leaving it dustproof and secure. In addition, we set up a vacuum device which prevents further expansion of mould components throughout the air in the living area.

Our 3rd step: Removal

The mould infested material is removed and deposed of professionally. This is followed by a disinfection measure, killing potential remains of mould and spores. Only after having completed the removal do we fix new construction products, such as our ISOTEC Climate Board, which reliably prevents further mould infestation caused by condensation.

Officially recommended

Our clearance corresponds to the official rules and guidelines for the removal of mould of, amongst others, the German Federal Environmental Agency and the Health Department of Baden-Württemberg. Our guideline-based approach ensures a professional evaluation and removal of microbial damages.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Professional removal of mould infestation according to official guidelines

  • Protection from noxious mould spores right from the start of our sanitation

  • Optional protection from future infestations through our climate regulating ISOTEC Climate Board or through the resealing of the building.

  • Conservation of property value

  • Result: Sanitary and healthy living

Mould Removal: Our satisfied customers

Kindergarten | Damage: mold infestation

The ISOTEC Group has successfully sealed more than 100.000 properties in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the last 25 years.

Apart from tens of thousands of residential buildings, we have also executed a complete mould damage removal at a nursery school. The walls and floors were massively infested by mould caused by humidity through condensation.

Secure disinfection

In cooperation with special microbiology laboratories we tested the mode of action of different germicides on diverse surfaces. As a result, we exclusively apply isopropanol for disinfection. This specific alcohol has proven to be very effective and evaporates completely after disinfection.

Secure isolation

In order to provide access to larger isolated clearance areas for our workers, we install airlocks if necessary. This type of access prevents the expansion of any particles of mould when entering or leaving the workspace.

Secure isolation

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