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Climate Board



Poorly insulated and cold walls are susceptible to
mould infestation. The ISOTEC Climate Board
presents a clean solution: It prevents
condensation and mould infestation and
provides a healthy climate.

The problem: Humidity through condensation

Insufficient thermal insulation may cause humidity through condensation. This leads to an unpleasant room climate, a mouldy smell and mould infestation in the masonry.

Our 1st step: Preparation

Initially, we carefully clean the substrate of wallpaper and paint residues. In the case of mould infestation, we remove the mould and dipose of it professionally. Afterwards, we execute preventative disinfection measures.

Our 2nd step: Installation

We first apply a special adhesive in order to attach the ISOTEC Climate Boards to the substrate. Our ISOTEC Climate Board is heat insulating, vapour permeable and capillary conductive.

Our 3rd step: Refinement

At last, we revise the seams as well as the entire surface with our special putty. The result is a clean and insulated wall. After the putty has dried completely, a coat of paint can follow. For that purpose, we apply a diffusion-compatible paint suitable for the surface of our ISOTEC Climate Board.

Scientifically verified - practically approvedt

Our ISOTEC Climate Board has received a general technical approval by the German Institute for Civil Engineering. Its physical effects were verified through theoretic calculations and practical tests.

  • Prevention of condensation and mould infestation

  • Environment-friendly, ecological construction materials

  • Pleasant indoor climate through climateregulating effects

  • Increase in property value

  • Quick utilization as living space

  • Non-combustible

ISOTEC Climate Board: Satisfied customers

Villa | Damage: condensation moisture

The ISOTEC Group has successfully sealed more than 100.000 properties in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the last 25 years.

This villa, constructed in 1920, was infested by mould caused by condensation. The temperature regulating ISOTEC Climate Board now prevents further mould infestation through condensation.

Safe, healthy and environmentally friendly

We use natural raw materials, such as sand and chalk, for the production of our ISOTEC Climate Panel. After a laborious production process, the climate board features high capillary suction power, it is heat insulating, non-combustible and mould resistant.

Climate regulation and mould prevention

Problem details are solved

Problematic thermal bridges, such as window frames, radiator niches or cross walls, need special attention. We have developed solutions with unique plaque formats and specialized mouldings for all areas.


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