Interior Insulation
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In the case of listed or laboriously designed building façades,
the only option to improve the heat insulation of
exterior walls is to insulate from the inside.

Better air with interior insulation

Our approach to the internal insulation:

The cause: bad heat insulation of visible façades

Insufficient heat insulation of exterior walls leads to increased heat loss. The consequences are increased energy consumption, uncomfortable room climate and a risk of mould infestation.

Our 1st step: Preparation

Initially, we carefully clean the surface of wallpaper and paint residues. In the case of mould infestation, we remove the mould professionally.

ISOTEC Innendämmung Arbeitsschritt anbringen

Our 2nd step: Installation

We first apply a special adhesive mortar in order to attach the heat-insulating and diffusion-compatible boards to the surface.

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Our 3rd step: Refinement

Finally, we revise the surface with a special putty in which is incorporated a reinforcement fabric. With the optional final skim we provide a smooth and even wall surface. This surface can be painted to taste.

Interior insulation: Our satisfied customers

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In the last 25 years the ISOTEC Group has successfully sealed more than 100.000 properties in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The owner of this family home commissioned ISOTEC to carry out an energy renovation in order to save energy costs. Particularly in the case of exterior façades with elaborate designs which warrant preservation, the ISOTEC interior insulation can be a possible measure to reduce energy costs.

Humidity and mould-inhibiting regulation

Thanks to the capillary conductivity of our ISOTEC Interior Insulation, there is no need for a vapour barrier. The interior insulation absorbs excess humidity from the ambient air and releases it when the air humidity falls again.

Saving energy thanks to insulation

Non-insulated walls may not only interfere with the comfort of a room but also lead to increased energy consumption. The subsequent heat insulation with our ISOTEC Interior Insulation provides a comfortable room climate as well as energy savings.

Interior insulation isn’t only a good option for listed buildings

Interior sealing can also be a good option for buildings which aren’t national heritage sites or listed buildings, but have a façade worth protecting. Besides, external sealing carried out from the inside normally requires less work and can be done at a lower cost, because it isn’t always necessary to insulate the whole façade. If, for example, there is only humidity and mould damage in a few rooms, you can perfectly well carry out a partial renovation of just these rooms. Another important advantage is that with interior sealing and renovating work, both the garden and communicating garage are left intact. In terms of building physics however, an external renovation and sealing is possibly the best option. But even if you do choose to insulate from the inside, your house will be fully protected from humidity.

You can find more information on interior sealing and different insulation methods on our blog.

ISOTEC quality

At ISOTEC we only use construction materials that have been verified in practice and comply with official requirements. This applies to the structural-physical properties of the ISOTEC Interior Insulation system, which has been examined extensively - scientifically and practically - in terms of its moisture-proofing and heat-insulating properties. All renovation work on your home is carried out by our highly trained and capable staff.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Heat insulation from the inside without any manipulation of the façade

  • Quick heating of insulated rooms

  • Energy savings/environmentally favourable investment

  • Comfortable room climate

  • Individual options for design of wall surface

  • Purely mineral and non-combustible construction materials


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