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Garage flooring renovation


Defective coatings or coverings in garages look
unattractive and are problematic due to the moisture
and salts that penetrate into the flooring structure.
Our ISOTEC garage flooring renovation ensures a
visually appealing protection of the garage flooring
area and protects adjacent parts of buildings from moisture.

Garage flooring renovation

Our Approach to Garage Flooring Renovation:

ISOTEC Garage flooring renovation the Cause Ingress of Moisture

The Cause: Ingress of Moisture

Garage floors are subject to extensive wear and tear. This can lead to flaws in the surfacing or, where applicable, the existing coating. Further surface damage (even moisture ingress into adjacent walls) can result.

ISOTEC Garage flooring renovation first Step Preparing for the Renovation

Our 1st Step: Preparing for the Renovation

The existing surface is mechanically removed and the concrete adhesive surface prepared. If rough protrusions or depressions are present, they are levelled out, system specific. The bases of adjacent walls are also prepared, to be load-bearing.

ISOTEC Garage flooring renovation second Step Primer

Our 2nd Step: Primer

To seal pores and increase the composite strength for surface coating, the prepared surface is primed with ISOTEC FLK Primer. Thereafter, depending on the flatness of the subsoil, a filling for smoothing over or a special levelling agent is applied.

ISOTEC Garage flooring renovation third Step Coating

Our 3rd Step: Coating

At the end, we glue the wall edges and apply the floor coating, starting with the edges. Then the coating is evenly distributed. To increase the slip resistance, glass beads are mixed into the coating. Color chips can also be added, depending on the customer's preference.

Garage Flooring Renovation: Our Satisfied Customers

[Translate to Englisch:] Referenz Garagenbodensanierung

In recent years, the ISOTEC Group has successfully sealed more than 100,000 properties in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The floor of this internal garage of a residential building has been renovated. After the old coating was completely removed, the liquid plastic coating with anti-slip glass beads and decorative colored chips was applied.

Bei einer anderen Garage sieht man im Vorher-Nachher-Vergleich die Sanierung der Garage

[Translate to Englisch:] Vorher Nachher Beispiel einer Sanierung einer Garage. Hier Garagenbodensanierung
[Translate to Englisch:] Hier wurde der Boden der Garage und die Wände der Garage durch ISOTEC bearbeitet.

Thin Superstructure, Many Possibilities

For the ISOTEC garage renovation a specially developed system, which exhibits very good adhesion to the ground and withstands the high demands of garages, is used. Depending on the customer's preferences, different colours and roughnesses are provided.

[Translate to Englisch:] Garagenbodensanierung_Aufbau

Complete Solutions for the Garage

Should there be further damage in the garage, such as damp walls, crumbling plaster or mould infestation, we are pleased to offer you solutions for the sustainable removal of these damages.

ISOTEC Quality

Extensively tested, ecologically approved. The products used in the ISOTEC garage flooring renovation are certified, odour-free and free of environmentally harmful substances.

Advantages at a Glance

  • Thin layered coating system

  • Solvent-free and odour-free

  • Tested materials

  • Tire resistant

  • Anti-slip

  • Visually appealing