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Balcony renovation


Defective balcony coatings and surfacing can pose a serious problem,
because they let humidity penetrate the building through cracks
and other flaws. Our ISOTEC balcony renovation offers secure
waterproofing for balconies, terraces and adjoining building
surfaces. We provide various visually attractive systems of
optimal protective seals to waterproof your balcony.

Balcony renovation

Our balcony renovation process:

The cause: moisture penetration

Balcony and terrace coatings are exposed to extreme weather conditions, which can lead to cracks and other imperfections appearing on the surfaces and in the seals. Possible consequences of this are additional surface damage and humidity penetrating the building. Renovation is therefore urgently recommended to prevent further damage.

Our 1st step: Preparing the renovation

For the renovation job we first remove the surface covering (like the tiles or slabs) and the existing seal, until we reach the load-bearing substructure. If necessary we create a new, slightly inclined surface. We then add an initial primer to the adhesive surface.

Our 2nd step: Sealing the balcony

Firstly, we seal the details, like the join between the door and the wall, with a reinforcement of fleece insert using ISOTEC liquid Plastic or ISOTEC Combiflex Sealant, depending on which is best suited. We then treat the balcony or terrace surfaces with the corresponding sealing material.

Our 3rd Step: Protecting the surface of the balcony

In order to protect a previously sealed balcony or terrace, we will apply a protective and wear layer depending on the customer's wishes and the needs of the building. This can consist of a thin layer of marble or quartz gravel, a coating of coloured chips or a superstructure made up of tiles or wood.

Balcony renovation: Our satisfied customers

In the last 25 years the ISOTEC Group has successfully sealed more than 100.000 properties in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In this house we renovated the cantilevered balcony and two porches. After the old tiles were removed, we applied the liquid plastic seal. For the protective and wear layer a marble pebble paving was chosen instead of tiles.

Balcony renovation: before and after comparison

This superstructure - various possibilities for your balcony

For our ISOTEC’s Balcony Renovation we use a system specially developed for this purpose, which thanks to its excellent adhesion to the ground and high crack bridging, is resistant to the extreme weather conditions that balconies and terraces can be exposed to. Depending on the customer’s usage requirements and wishes, we provide various protective layers, ranging in thickness from 4 to 10 mm, for the surface design of a previously sealed balcony or terrace surface.

Solving the details

In order to achieve a successful renovation special attention needs to be given to the details. We have developed solutions for all the adjoining areas found in a balcony renovation, such as window elements, railing posts or drainage channels.

ISOTEC quality

Extensively tested - ecologically certified. The products used in the ISOTEC Balcony Renovation are certified, odourless and free of environmentally harmful substances.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Thin-film coating system

  • Solvent free and odourless

  • Tested materials

  • Appreciation of the property

  • Also suitable for interiors

  • Aesthetically pleasing

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