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1. Horizontal Barrier

In the case of ascending moisture, we apply our ISOTEC Horizontal Barrier. For this measure, we inject our specialized paraffin into the previously dehumidified wall, where it creates a barrier which permanently and reliably prevents further capillary ascending moisture.

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2. Exterior Sealing

If moisture enters laterally, it is necessary to seal the area of the house that is in direct contact with the ground. For this purpose, we seal the affected area of the wall from the outside with our multilayered ISOTEC Exterior Sealing.

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3. Interior Sealing

If walls are not accessible from the outside or you want to prevent excavations on the exterior, our ISOTEC Interior Sealing guarantees reliable sealing from the inside. This allows us to seal basements without any excavation work in order to use them as additional living space.

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ISOTEC-Rissinjektion und Flexband

4. Crack Injection/Flexband

Water-bearing cracks in concrete components are sealed with our ISOTEC Crack Injection. We press our special resin into the cracks which seals them. In case cracks and joints are exposed to movement, we combine this measure with our ISOTEC Flexband System.

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[Translate to Englisch:] Feuchteschaden beseitigen mit ISOTEC Sanierputz

5. Renovation Plaster

Although the cause of moisture damage has been removed, the damp masonry needs quite some time to completely dry. Our ISOTEC Renovation Plaster facilitates this process, absorbs harmful salts and guarantees an immediate optic upgrading of the affected walls.

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[Translate to Englisch:] Schimmelpilzschaden beseitigen

6. Mould Damage Removal

Mould infestation in the living space is not only unattractive but a threat to our health. Initially, we determine the volume of the mould infestation and examine - if necessary - the types of mould. Our staff eliminate the mould infestation according to the results.

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[Translate to Englisch:] Innendämmung von ISOTEC

7. Interior Insulation

In the case of listed or laboriously designed building façades, the only option to improve the heat insulation of exterior walls is to insulate from the inside. Our ISOTEC Interior Insulation provides energy savings and - thanks to its diffusion compatibility - a pleasant interior climate.

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[Translate to Englisch:] Kondensationsfeuchte vermeiden durch Klimaplatte von ISOTEC

8. Climate Board

Humidity, through condensation caused by cooking, showering, insufficient heat insulation and so on, may provoke the growth of mould. Our ISOTEC Climate Board, is an intelligent construction material that absorbs excessive humidity from the air as well as preventing humidity through condensation. Thereby, withdrawing the cause of mould.

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[Translate to Englisch:] Trocknung nach Wasserschäden

9. Drying System

Water damages caused by a burst pipe, for example, can immediately and securely be repaired by our ISOTEC Drying System. The affected living space will dry quickly, becoming habitable again before bacteria or mould can spread.

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[Translate to Englisch:] ISOTEC-Kellerbodensanierung

10. Basement floor renovation

The basement floors of old buildings are not usually of the same standard as today’s concrete slab. Therefore, use of such basements is fairly restricted. Our basement floor renovation effectively seals humid basement floors. Following renovation works, all kinds of objects, including those susceptible to moisture (ie: cardboard boxes) can be stored once again on the basement floor.

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[Translate to Englisch:] Balkonsanierung

11. Balcony renovation

Defective balcony coatings and surfacing can pose a serious problem, because they let humidity penetrate the building through cracks and other flaws. Our ISOTEC balcony renovation offers secure waterproofing for balconies, terraces and adjoining building surfaces. We provide various visually attractive systems of optimal protective seals to waterproof your balcony.

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