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Training and development at ISOTEC
Training and development


Training and development at ISOTEC

ISOTEC is a group of companies that provides its executives and staff with intense training and further development. We want to support our staff develop into independent, strong personalities. We offer different types of training, including  individual coaching sessions. In 2014, as part of our 80 seminar days, we trained 850 people of the ISOTEC Group. 

As we have committed ourselves to always offer top quality in our renovation work, we focus on our staff’s technical development. The best construction material does not help, if the staff executing the renovation work has not been adequately trained . For this reason, we train each ISOTEC staff member for a specific craft - both in terms of theory and practice. During their obligatory performance tests we measure each millimetre of their work, because these “small” details determine the success or failure of a renovation.

In 2008, ISOTEC was one of the first companies to provide training for the new trade “wood and structure preservation” "Holz- und Bautenschützer" (preservation of wood and structures). Since then, we have successfully trained numerous staff members in this trade.

And, since we take particular enjoyment from developing young people, there are several trainees within the ISOTEC Group - three of them at our headquarters - encountering their first string of success.

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