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Research and development - the best for our customers
Research and Development


Research and development - the best for our customers

We want to provide our clients with the best service and the best renovation products available on the market. That is why we started with the research and development of our own measures, over  30 years ago. Our portfolio only features renovation products that have passed specific tests and demonstrated highest efficiency in the permanent prevention of moisture penetration.

Our first process against moisture in buildings was the ISOTEC Horizontal Barrier. We developed this process over a 20-year period, in close cooperation with the Technische Universität Wien (Technical University of Vienna) under the direction of professor Dreyer. Experts initially dismissed this process.

But already in 2004, the BMA (federal institute of Germany for materials research and testing) confirmed the high efficiency of the ISOTEC Horizontal Barrier against ascending moisture. Therefore, we consider ourselves as innovation drivers, in the renovation market. The control samples taken by our engineers, in order to thoroughly test the efficiency of products available on the market, are dreaded by the construction chemicals industry. This procedure allows us to always decide according to our own quality standards, independently of manufacturers. The ISOTEC Flexband is another example for our research ambitions. It permits to permanently seal cracks in concrete components, which is a very difficult undertaking.

We also like to involve students and universities in our research. Among others, we have worked with the universities of Münster, Cologne and Dresden and accompanied many theses. Currently, we are assisting a student’s thesis at the FH Münster (University of Münster) on how to protect skywalks from the inside-out, against pressure water. We like the students’ curiosity and thirst for knowledge. We appreciate their work, with which they are helping to improve our products and processes even more.

We consider ISOTEC as the company with the most know-how about the renovation of moisture and mould damage.