Punctuality and reliability in restoration work

Bonding of the trails
Bonding of the trails

After the analysis phase comes the next important step: the restoration work itself. In doing this, we will first discuss with you the precise start date of the restoration. We know that exact timing is important to our customers for planning. We will hold ourselves to that.

When carrying out the work, we take meticulous care to give you a restoration of the highest standard. This begins with our employees. They have received the best training and have fully internalised our service principles. Every employee has a business card, so that you have a direct contact person for further discussion or questions. The result: appointments are kept, punctually and reliably; work is done quickly and cleanly.

The choice of materials to use in restoration of dampness damage is also important. Only acid-tested materials ensure that the damage is permanently removed, and not just temporarily. That is why we attach such high importance to quality. Here is an example:

The paraffin injection process has been tested by the Federal Institution for Material Research and Testing (Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung- und Prüfung) in Berlin. Their result: The paraffin develops “the highest effectiveness” against rising damp. Over 60,000 successfully restored buildings also show that quality is our focus.

At the end of this process you will have a building that has been restored safely and permanently, where you can happily live and feel comfortable again. And of course an intact building also has a different value than a damaged piece of real estate.


Mould endangered the health of the Burkhard family. Find out more...

Mould endangered the health of the Burkhard family. Find out more...


A problem quickly solved, thanks to high-quality ISOTEC restoration

Damage by damp in your own home is always annoying. But it does not help to put off a necessary restoration. This is especially true when mould has spread in the living spaces.
The case of the Burkhard family shows how dangerous hidden mould can be - especially for the health of children.

For several weeks, Mrs. Burkhard and the three children suffered from extraordinarily frequent illnesses and infections. Only their father Peter Burkhard was spared. “I have a very resistant immune system,” explains the house owner. The two youngest children had it particularly badly: eight-month-old Jennifer and her six-year-old brother Marc became sick again and again. “As well as coughing and runny noses, these two also had throat infections. Jenny even had pneumonia,” reports Mr. Burkhard.

But their worried parents found no explanation at first. When a child is sick, who thinks the house might be sick? After some time suspicion grew that the cause was dampness and mould in the home. Mr Burkhard, as a good family man, did not delay long and assigned ISOTEC to find the cause.

And the restoration specialist was able to trace the source of the puzzle: water had penetrated unnoticed between the floor slabs and the floor screed in an area of 120m2. The masonry sucked up the partly contaminated water, so that in the end it was not just the basement but also the walls of the living space that were damp through. Mould was able to spread unnoticed. “I am very happy that ISOTEC got to the bottom of the problem,” reports Peter Burkhard. “We were all completely unsettled as to what might be wrong with our health.” Within one day, we began the careful and exact ISOTEC analysis (analysis of the building’s condition). Already by that evening, our employees had localised the damage. The next day, drying machines were set up and the mould-attacked rooms professionally sealed off so that the mould spores could not have any further negative effect on the family. Restoration work could now begin, and day by day the family felt better.

“What ISOTEC provided here in terms of punctuality and neatness is truly exemplary.” Mr Burkhard, a qualified engineer, is very satisfied. The constant infections now belong to the past. All the children are healthy and happy again. “The health of my family is the most important thing to me,” says their father. The whole issue has had a happy ending. And the Burkhard family feels comfortable and safe in their own home again.