ISOTEC Event Series - Architectus

Professional expertise for architects, planners, housing associations and community facilities

ISOTEC has been specialised in restoring damp and mould damage in buildings for the last 20 years. With our high quality standards and special system solutions, we contribute significantly to the retention and increase of value in real estate.

We now pass our special expertise to you too, in the ISOTEC Architectus event series.

The events are held in various regions of Germany and an ISOTEC specialist company on location is always the host. Depending on the focus topic, the speakers experienced in that area will come together, so it is worth studying the current event information.

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Overview of events:

22. September 2011 in OWL
ISOTEC-Fachbetrieb Waltermann & Zwiener GmbH

12. Oktober 2011 in Köln
ISOTEC-Fachbetrieb Gebr. Becker GmbH

20. Oktober 2011 in Wuppertal
ISOTEC-Fachbetrieb Bobach GmbH & Co. KG

23. November 2011 in Mainz
ISOTEC-Fachbetrieb Rüger GmbH 

24. November 2011 in Schweinfurt
ISOTEC-Fachbetrieb Bauunternehmung Glöckle

08. Dezember 2011 in Bremen
ISOTEC-Fachbetrieb Eichhöfer GmbH

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