Is your masonry damp because of water damage - or has water even penetrated under the floor screed?

There are a million instances of water damage in Germany every year. That is about 3,000 cases every day. This water damage occurs suddenly and unexpectedly.

Typical damage scenarios after water damage

  • Feuchte Wände angrenzend zum Estrich
  • Korrodierte STahlträger
  • Schimmelbefall über der Fußleiste

After the cause for the water damage has been dealt with, the dampened walls, floors and insulation must be dried out again in order to prevent mould and bacterial attack. This is particularly true of the damp insulation layer that lies under the floor screed.

Causes & risks
Gebäudegrafik mit Schadensstellen

Ursachen und Risiken nach Wasserschäden

Wichtig ist schnelles Handeln, denn innerhalb von 14 Tagen kann sich bereits Schimmel an den durchfeuchteten Mauern und Dämmschichten bilden.

ISOTEC system solutions after water damage

For the various causes of dampness damage to buildings, ISOTEC’s restoration systems offer safe and permanent protection from dampness, whether singly or in combination.

ISOTEC drying systems
Zeichnung Estrich-Dämmschicht-Trocknung


Schnelle Trocknung durchfeuchteter Mauern und z.B. nasser Estrich-Dämmschichtsysteme.